Medical Ultrasound (US) uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of living tissue. A sound signal is sent out, and the reflected "echoes" create the image. Unlike most other imaging methods, US can create truly real-time "movies" of the heart beating, contraction of bowel loops (peristalsis), and blood flow. A special form of US, the Doppler, measures the speed and direction of blood flow and is illustrated in color on the monitor. The Doppler technique allows detection of blocked blood vessels. As in other forms of imaging, US studies are viewed as if they were "sections" of the body.

One of the most common applications of US is in the area of obstetrics and gynecology. Obstetric sonography is the examination of the fetus within the mother's womb to evaluate the status of the pregnancy.

Visalia Imaging has acquired GE and Toshiba Ultrasound machines, which are topmost in the field. A full spectrum of ultrasound imaging is available. Our sonographers are registered by the Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (RDMS) in abdominal, pelvic, and obstetrical specialties. Our senior sonographer has the distinction of being an Advanced Practice Sonographer for abdomen and obstetrics.