3.0T MRI


The Discovery MR750w 3.0 T with GEM Suite coil technology is a result of GE Healthcare's mission to humanize the MRI experience for all those involved - - the patient receives a more comfortable scanning experience, the technologists have ease of use, speed and simplicity, and the radiologists can count on superb image quality along with advanced procedures, exams, and protocols.

The power and performance of the 3.0T is integrated with an open architecture featuring:

  • enlarged opening (wide bore) of 70 cm in diameter
  • shorter tube than conventional MRI
  • easily accommodates the claustrophobic, elderly, or young patient
  • allowance for an increased weight limit (500lbs)
  • table cushion with varying densities for enhanced patient comfort
  • twice the magnet strength of other local MRI's
  • significantly higher image quality
  • faster scan times (most scans are between 12-20 minutes)
  • acoustic noise reduction
  • feet first or head first positioning
  • music available for most exams (local stations or you can bring a CD)

With two magnets, the Open MRI 0.7 T and the 3.0 T MRI, scheduling backlogs will be a thing of the past. Patient satisfaction is our major focus. A less clinical, more personalized experience is what our patients deserve.



 Breast MRI is used to aid the diagnosis of breast conditions, access the integrity of breast implants, guide breast biopsy procedures and/or monitor response to therapy.  MRI does not replace mammography or breast ultrasound imaging, but is used as a supplemental tool.

During the procedure, the patient is face down on the cushioned table with the breasts positioned in a device referred to as a breast coil.  The scan produces a buzzing noise, which is minimized with protective headphones.  Breast MRI does not use ionizing radiation or vigorous compression. It usually takes about 20 – 30 minutes for the study.